longchamp tote 2016

longchamp tote 2016 Black, mocha color joker, and ornate bronze into a new season products, through the rich color let autumn/winter products still show the fashionable feeling and fashionable feeling.In terms of product, this season’s Lancel, Lancel L series, joined the Clutch handbags and Bowling handbags two paragraphs.
Also launched this season with Lancel, Lancel) began in 1929, the es longchamp canada sale tablishment of the world’s first boutique shop name – the Opera house square L ‘Opera De Lancel series.Soft soft tactility Italian leather, full grain leather, emphasize more comfortable handle, and richer functionality.
This season, Lancel, Lancel) and, abundant use of rare skin and into the L, French Flair, L ‘Opera, and other series.In Lancel, Lancel processing plant can be seen in more than 70 different kinds of material.In the early 20th century, tapir skin and soft calf they are preferred;.The art deco period shows the lizard skin, python, alligator leather, snakeskin, shagreen, deerskin, crocodile, caiman le longchamp large ather, ostrich skin, pony, and the charm of Fren all black longchamp ch long haired rabbit skin.
Today, these precious materials adding more unique creative material – salmon skin, water snake skin, eel skin, the frog skin, Mongolian little sheep, chicken feet skin even.Ginger suede one shoulder portable dual-use bag, color restoring ancient ways or absorption, reduces the autumn winter season, is popular with girls like it.Package type is a simple square, longchamp tote 2016 looks very comfortable.
Whether collocation sweater or jacket to wear, this bag is absolutely joker.Green is a single shoulder bag, bag type is very much like the design of the envelope, minimalist line feeling, looking at big hip.
Restoring ancient ways collocation sweater, charming.Black and white and color matching single shoulder bag, minimalist repertory, plus the joker of the pack, favored by people like tide.
If you don’t use the bag with clothes, on colou longchamp large r choice black or white, that will not go wrong.Paint bright orange single shoulder bag, surface texture, back in the body strong and bright.And the design of metal locks, make the bag more fashion sense.
Especially used for fluorescent color coat c all black longchamp ollocation, color is more beautiful.Retro brown shoulder bag, the bag is a classic style, joker has a type.
Simple design, add color restoring ancient ways, wear what all good match.Blue single shoulder bag handbag, the design of the bag, now at least dual-use, practical and fashion, the designers but ran out of idea.
To uniform color, with a blue tights and blue flat shoes, will be how pure and fresh style.
Big red small single shoulder bag, pocket bags, simple good-looking, golden chain design, more fashion sense, tie-in black leather coat to wea longchamp large r, or printing has a lot of Europe and the United States considers itself.
Red tassel bag shoulder bag, the color and the design of the bag, do not provide craftsmanship, presumably no girl can resist the charm of this kind of bag, match the blue dress to wear, elegant and dignified.
Black one shoulder bag, the longchamp tote 2016 classic case grain design, compact package type, suitable for petite girls back, it will appearing lovely sweet flavor, lovely
Alexandra Richards, Martha Hunt, (both wearing Salvatore Ferragamo)
Anne V, (wearing SALVATORE FERRAGAMO), (with the FIAMMA bag)
Hanayo Nakajima, wearing SALVATORE FERRAGAMO)
Louisa Gummer, wearing SALVATORE FERRAGAMO), (with the FIAMMA bag)
Mollie Ruprecht, Hayley Bloomingdale, (with the FIAMMA bag)

long champ 2016

long champ 2016 T-shirt, put on red knitted cardigan outside, in the end, to a black leggings.In such a fashion dress up how can you not be campus fashion trendsetter, hurry up to learn.
Lake blue handbag all show women’s elegant, especially by such tide Miranda mom back out at the new handbag, it is the necessary package money taking snapshots.
Spring time is not over, each big electricity summer item had already rushed out.Every year in the spring and summer transition, people will prepare many seaside resort, a necessary sheet is tasted, one of the most popular is woven bag.Foreign media for you recommend below 15 bag will change woven bag modelling clumsy, the image of the huge volume, allowi longchamp toronto ng you to enjoy the spring and summer with woven bag unique sweet and elegant.
On the ferris wheel, a new CHERCHE – MIDI bag, three-dimensional structure, sole longchamp handbags sale mn style, distinctive image of super flat chain buckles wrapped in leather.
New bag with bright and colorful silk scarves, carrying hermes one hundred years unremitting pursuit for beauty and precipitation
Recently, Hermes (Hermes) launched the new autumn 2015 bag, not everyone is jealous of the platinum bag, nor is often mistaken the Kelly bag, Hermes in the new design is not conspicuous, color is also common brunet department of autumn and winter.Has been to do manual work is delicate, the material is famous for its luxury hermes, launch no logo features a new, don’t know how many people are buying it.
Hermes on behalf of luxury, represents the noble, on behalf of the position, but in addition to the long champ 2016 platinum package, and fashion does not seem to have what relation.In 2015 and has just been introduced, hermes does not seem to care about design, also no relation longchamp handbags sale ship now what bag is more lovable, just launched a few let a person lack of interest in some bags, and the charm of platinum package can’t than.
With such understanding, then see such design will not feel strange, in the luxury and noble, hermes, always with a little handsome and strong, even the red platinum bag, also does not appear fine elegant.Although hermes are selling handmade craft and noble descent, but such plain bags don’t know how many women will fall longchamp handbags on sale for it.
The iconic Gucci stripe ribbon collocation characteristics with decorative chain lock, give this elegant and practical handbag unique signature style.Strapless grosgrain ribbon color and package of wool ribbon color supplement each other, a fun mix created Sylvie handbags highly recognizable appearance.Provide alternative for each bag leather straps, low longchamp handbags on sale -key dress design can match the formal occasions.
Wide shoulder straps will make you look more young, and don’t have to worry about too stress shoulder injury.Fendi launched this year to sell the 9 “Strap You shoulder straps, let bag bag style do change!
Designers take into account the different occasions, different dress, women love respectively with what kind of attitude, so, have a enough to hold up for you is the joker of various scenes is the best price.
Bundle of mouth design bucket bag and backpack, with a more androgynous style will become popular in early spring, efforts to design the most suitable for the mavericks, energetic girl.
Guide language longchamp handbags on sale : Paris fashion week in full swing, show on the new bag look straight itch in my heart, which is planning to start early and series, but, after all, have to wait a few months, so it is better to follow the tide of outside to see the show people all love which bag?These ar long champ 2016 e immediate can proceed with the design, which is a wonderful buy up quickly!
Loewe bags of this a few season item is out of the street is the most compact, with type of Puzzle series is necessary hipsters, color photos and black and white turtleneck sweater wool coat, Loewe letters printed pants with Martin boots is quite handsome!
Hammock is Loewe’s new series, the bag body is slender, the light blue is a spring, with the fresh ripped jeans, casual and not rigid!
Fendi little monsters bag is also the necessary tide in the past two years, eyeball, mini handbags has let the whole body Look less depressing.

longchamp wallet 2016

longchamp wallet 2016 ah!
Fur bag fluffy texture is soft, being touched or looked at a distance, let a person have a kind of illusion to staying warm.
Long coat with fur bag collocation, Ken bean neutral handsome collocation more add a lady in the wind, a: so, temperament is not only reflected from the clothing, bags can also be oh!
Black handbags play a very good joker function, looks like a bag around the world also is Ken bean declaration!
Even in casual wear, leather bag with is also no problem to wear casual to shopping also can take oh!
Ken bean in NYC shopping street snap, put on the classic red and black, with a leather bag, body black it longchamp wallet 2016 em more administrative levels feels.
Ta yu’s share BallyO9 spring new handbag.The earth color, soft and white and gleaming printing design collocation interweave, create a new city amorous feelings, with bright light summer complement each other.
“Soft” is Bally spring/summer 2015 bags of keywords.Is made of super thin material, through the fold, knitting, sewing and cutting processing technology, make the bags not only have the daily capacity, more soft, like a longchamp wallet 2016 second skin.Pale gold decoration is not outstanding, in order to reveal the charm and quality of leather itself.
Woman should be a bit better to oneself, put your side of the bag as a kind of life style, according to different occasions, put the bag of different features., of course, we are not advocating you crazy shopping, for a single package for gu pouch go all of you, we shall say, from work to travel back with a bag, although is practical, but unsuitable colloc longchamp handbag price ation beneath bag instead of the value and uniqueness.And to buy package is not soft, women is not portable, we also want to remind you, actually really don’t need always chasing the quarterly fashion, as long as the lock in the 10 kinds of style bag types, are qualified for all sorts of modelling.
When tote bags too have a mood to work, don’t want to always took the set bag, the size of the right side of the backpack is the best choice to travel fo longchamp handbag price r a picnic!
Handbags for women like boyfriend, some interesting handbag but can only give you temporary happiness, then sealed dust, some look ordinary but accompany with you for a long time.Women spend a lifetime chasing the pace of fashion, change of decorations is never-ending.Th small longchamp bag is five practical handbags were recommended for everybody today, absolutely is changeless should change tool.
When the design of the bags from a strapless into a should longchamp purse er straps, from short straps into long shoulder straps, we know that fashion is not locked, it changes, but also because of the progress of mankind for hands free derivative of small bag, also once again to verify practical is fundamental to consumption.Small size of the bag with long strap to fashionable background, and the dress almost without limit, each daily dress can match with s longchamp handbag price mall bag.
We never seem to tire of the campus wind book bag, traditional bag, briefcase handbag for most office workers are the most preferred choice.Can drop A4 paper bag type, the founder, laptops and other important work essentials, low-key bag matches with most of the professional identity.
Indeed, hand bag is not common for most people, also looks like a rich man’s image in the early 90 s, the business owner often clip to caught, in one hand and a big brother.But you have to believe, when it appeared again and become women handbags there are good reasons why a certain popular model.There is a reason, hand bag can let you deal with all kinds of formal occasions, dinners, parties, cocktail party, etc., it can play a key role.
Inv small longchamp bag erted trapezoidal sailing bag with a lot of space, the birth of it should appear in the trip, you can take any need of all items, pumping it can carry all of your mood to experience an unusual journey.For daily the hustle and bustle of women at the same time, it can be piled up on forever file and the meeting need of the material.
Big cousin Jennifer Lawrence DIOR again and again in hand, for the DIOR Diorever deduce new season product.
All say popularity is memory of a wheel

longchamp purse

longchamp purse And fine metal chain shoulder, a fair maiden temperament.Design pressure edge stitching, hollow out grid, metallic simple sense, monochrome and pure skin rich choice;.Brilliant red, rose gold, orange and caramel color stitching etc. Various colors;
Size is divided into large, medium and mini trumpet.The pig bag is the fire It in 2015.Gucci because of longchamp purse the lack of metal materials after world war ii, so qiao monarch for bamboo, imported from Japan by bending fire heating make bamboo into a unique “U” form to handle.
In addition to the handle, compose ACTS the role of bamboo adornment also appeared in the tassel and turn in the design of the lock
Bamboo series handbags style variety, including handbags, single shoulder bag, double shoulder and hand bag, the material is cowhide, sheepskin, canvas, snake skin, ostrich skin, printing, embroidery, straw, etc.From horse nasa shop longchamp l mask inspiration In 2015, when the creative director Frida handbags with smooth contour, the last century 60 s by former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy
Onassis favour rapidly across Europe and the Un shop longchamp ited States, is named Jackie O.Vertical version of the horse bit design and double G.The Logo is one of the features of this bag
Now regardless of the type style, as long as with the vertical version of the horse shovel buckle decorative handbags as Jackie series
Jackie.Giannini after taking office and introduced with tassel bamboo compose ACTS the role of the New.
Jackie.Jackie handbags have soft boa, traditional canvas, suede and leather, etc.;.Style from the round bottom to the bottom, from single shoulder bag to bag choice is rich.Gucci handbags also production of “open u longchamp 2013 p” the canvas material.
To make their own design canvas bag has great charm, the craftsmanship Guccio invented his initials classic double G logo and green – red and green striped ribbon.The bucket in the shape of a Boston handbag for contour strength, large capacity and the temperament of restoring ancient ways short handle and especially favored.In the new season, the Boston bag had launched longchamp suitcase a powder – red and pink stripe, modify the edge of the leather also added a color such as pink, blue, orange, etc.
Logo of the elegant demeanour, once launched frequent in various kinds of fashion street snap
Gucc shop longchamp i bag bag now all decorated with relief interlocking double G logo design belong to Soho series, which have tassel decoration and round doodle contour small Soho shoulder bag is the most popular.Soho series materials including metal texture, grinding, paint, smooth leather, such as color, sky blue, red, pure blac longchamp suitcase k, etc
Manual printing and dyeing crocodile single shoulder bag Reference price: 115996 CNY.The earliest Flamenco handbag was born in 1984.This season, modified tasseled now becomes lightsome nifty knot adornment, which renamed the Flamenco.Knot.
Fine soft leather to make thi longchamp purse s bag very light in weight, highly malleable
Package the adornment of the mouth with the package “, “the unique” candy wrappers “modelling, long design can be aslant to shoulder straps
Knot the material of bags in addition to the traditional napa sheepskin, and suede;
Color bright both in pure color and pattern of skin of the animal is rich, Spain amorous feelings
Bottega Veneta Knot lemon yellow snakeskin grain hand bag reference price: 26174 CNY.Bottega Veneta Knot Mona Lisa color woven silk long hand bag reference price: 11280 CNY.Bottega Veneta Veneta large net of sandy braided suede pack Reference price: 18078 CNY

longchamp tote

longchamp tote Easy to dye, cleaning method is very simple, only use discharge makeup paper to wipe it clean.
1.Ready to swab and edge glue, a treasure to sell, can also use egg whites and shoe powder homemade ~
2.Evenly coated on the edge of the straps, do not besmear too thick, otherwise easy to uneven, can put a layer of such as it did after a, coat of a total of about five layers.
3.After completion of dangdang when ~ so ~ isn’t as good as new, and later also not easy peeling.
▼ bags on if there is a ba longchamp le pliage travel bag ll pen, such as scratches, wash armour water or wind can be used to wipe, can also use tape, don’t have to worry about bear children doodling ~
Leather surface, if the situation in the cracks can apply common hand lotion or cream, the effect is very good ~
Bag of metal parts with long hair black hair and dark, with a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste on scrub in a ~
▼ leather bag is need often clean, but the store sells special wash bag agent are generally very expensive, actually at home can do on your own, to milk, detergent, discount longchamp bags alcohol is carried out in accordance with the proportion of 5:3:2 ~ but use leather care agent even when diluted oh ~
1.Canvas bag if it is not dirty, can only use toothbrush dipped in laundry detergent in relatively dirty place to clean.
2.If more dirty can in a washing machine, to cut off line first before washing and some widgets cannot meet water.
3.Canvas bag must never mix and other colors of clothes to wash, otherwise easy to dyeing, each othe brown longchamp bag r can again in canvas bag coat a layer of cloth into the washing machine.
4.In addition to join laundry detergent can also add some salt to prevent fading canvas bag and getting old.
1.Take a clean brush to sweep the dust brown longchamp bag on the surface of the, laundry detergent into the water to dilute, dip in with towel after takes the dilution the solution to wipe again suitcase outside
2.Internal cleaning, use a wet towel to wipe it again first, spray on flavouring agent again, purify mildew flavour
The classic “Cambridge package” has become a Cambridge Satchel fashionable whole world’s magnum opus, and with a profusion colour, a variety of sizes and shiny leather are popular among fashion people.The latest mini size petite but person, fashion sense but no reduction.
The toast of a new generation of Hollywood stars Rebecca Minkoff fashion magazines often introduce It Bag in the United States.Hollywood female, from Jessica Simpson to Vanessa Hudgens, almost a men’s hands.The MA discount longchamp bags B Tote Mini is designed in this series the most contracted and delicate one, and can shoulder portable dual-use, has light pale pinkish purple in color, optional blood orange and black.
In Botk longchamp tote ier bag, Valentina mini momentum, the hottest style in every season there will be changes in the details, the only constant is N kinds of color can choose.American fashion bloggers Aimee Song have possession of this variety of color bags, each taking snapshots can easily with the day’s clothing colo brown longchamp bag r photograph echo, and red carpet is about to see reality show host CatDeeley demonstration, removing the shoulder belt is the standard red carpet hand bag.
Believe you no less see in the fashion week outside street snap this book style hand bag, most of these are from French designer Olympia Le – Tan, the most popular with the fashion of literature and art fit people.Her work has been extremely rich artistic breath, classic books cover to deduce into hand bag and deserve to act the role of design.From hand-made silk embroidery to Liberty printing lining, every detail is delicate and exquisite.
The chain is adopted the paster sheepskin, lines on the surface of the package body close and closely packed, such as hami melon juice, sweet flesh thick skin texture.Full longchamp tote of fairy tale colour pink, allowing you to continue to the beautiful and lovely in the spring.
Angular tube hot slice technology is applied, creating exquisite and unique texture, make the square packets out of tactile and visual difference.Stereoscopic exquisite twist lock decoration, and the ornament of removable bow, coupled with the use of white and pink, bring the small pure and fresh in the spring.
Heart-shaped chain handbag, the surface of delicate glass beads lace

longchamp canada outlet 2016

longchamp canada outlet 2016 The design of suede leather, is quite mature and elegant feel.R this one is $2450, this is quite good, at least a look will know that is very expensive!
My favorite is amway to you before the Designer Gucci Interlocking, I think this package everything is just fine, paint, color, logo, and chain, is a little more gorgeous, unlike in flaunt wealth, it’s beautiful!The trumpet is $1550
The package of the advertising of Gucci early autumn, paragraphs early autumn and winter shows the difference between paragraphs is the early autumn than shows better wear, show to highlight t longchamp canada outlet 2016 he designer’s talent so often are melodramatic ~
By the way Gucci Soho of public money, the girl of the package is not very suitable for meat meat, easy to appear good big butt, such as silly face
Handsome neutral feel by heart more beautiful oh, soho package for only $980, at the some colors can be waiting for a discount
First-line brand son say a bit more today, other big-name in l longchamp shop ater to say again, now that luxury class instead.
Small kk endorsement of DVF this season of the package is good oh, called Secret Agent, $498, which are sold shopbop.Advertising video shoot like a bond girl
Eight before a small kk her sisters, she has a little sister with her to attend the activities from time to time, said estimation is I’d like to take my sister into the line.Recently heard that this little sister is in DVF in longchamp toronto ternship to corporations, good cool ~
The package’s biggest features are: a pack of dual-use, can put the bag down as a handbag!I think the idea is the most wonderful part is: you want to work earlier than the boss, the small package dire longchamp toronto ctly to the unloaded can run away!OL can really consider is looking for bags
Finally said a good and inexpensive, Rebecca Minkoff Mini Crossby, otherwise students party need to fire off again ~ this bag is out of the last year, I didn’t pay attention to since I have been bought his MAC, Victoria recently by heart feel really look good, is a young man’s beautiful good helper.195 dollars, can wa longchamp shop it until shopbop full to get 75 discount
Well, today said so much, there are a lot of to say bag into the later said slowly, there ~
Pallas series add a charm bag bag, the all-new shoulder tote bags can satisfy the modern vitality all women desire.Fluid, feminine design perfect fusion Monogram servi longchamp canada outlet 2016 ce canvas and brunet leather, with delicate chain and decorative rivet highlights Louis Vuitton Paris bump patterns This bag bag on the basis of ample space swing package, can freely switch between leisure and business, in a file or a tablet still meet your shopping needs.
For busy people around picky longchamp shop shoppers to bring new design: for those who appreciate luxury, both dynamic and charm of classical women messenger bag, this bag is the default choice. Volta made using soft Taurillon leather, light fitting, has two handles and a removable shoulder straps, offers a variety of back method. The internal structure of organized can accommodate all day for business or travel necessities. The iconic LV leather metal buckles can ensure the goods safety.
In order to feel comfortable, texture meticulous calfskin Lockme handbag made of extremely rich woman flavour, is the latest Louis vuitton launched the necessary packages. Very suitable for petite woman Lockme small where to buy longchamp in toronto handbags use the finest shiny golden brass NiuSuo iconic design. Bend at the top of the handle can arm in arm, all show the fair maiden style, also to shoulder, relaxed and leisurely and comfortable. Leather straps can rival bag capacity according to the needs of the user’s preferences or adjusted. Practical inner bag and outer bag design makes Lockme handbags a very ideal everyday bag.
How can girls only a bag?Spring/summer 2016 LV (Louis Vuitton) Louis

long champ bag 2016

long champ bag 2016 The secret.
Ten years ago, the black nylon bag prada is still by far the best selling goods of the United States, prada sudden change strategy, began to shift to high-end market, launched more expensive leather bag.He said that the number of occurrences of a goods too much will lack of lasting appeal.
After the launch of new products faster, is to prevent any handbags become so popular.
He said that the current sell handbag, 40% are within a year.Some bag is easy to see what a season, because the handbag with the theme of the show pattern above, such as article 2015 fluorescent width, and the depth of the gradien longchamp handbags outlet t design of stripe before.
Pure green square founder is prosperous, snakeskin handbag very attractive, smooth and soft leather texture feel more comfortable.Absolutely is the first selection of fashionistas!
Black bag is made of soft leather, shiny nickel hardware.Equipped with adjustable snakeskin straps, removable hanging clamp and hand mirror, and then printed on a logo embossed, balenciaga make longchamp buy s this beautiful bag hot thing in the world!
The Givenchy (Givenchy) Antigona blue bag with leather, the top two horns to streamline design, the canvas style and characteristic of the stripe design appear having a unique style.With metal zipper and adjustable shoulder strap, convenient to use.
Zhao wei’s workplace modelling is very good-looking, plain coloured dress up under very temperament.Stripe style ladies clothing and style handbag is show temperament.
The whole body model long champ bag 2016 ling concise unity in dark grey in two colors, printing scarf makes the modelling of monotonous impression.
Compared with the n longchamp buy ew clothes, new shoes and handbags for girls even more lethal, last week made Zara shoes project feedback is good, so I try to give you update popularize new bag also ~
You first to see if this year qiu dong’s romantic only beautiful Chloe AD, please the Anja Rubik and Julia Stegner two supermodel, the effect of the photo is long champ bag 2016 really beautiful, so I look every time I open the picture for a long time, so beautiful!
Advertising name is Hudson inside of the bag, is this year qiu dong’s recommendation
Carefully see clear, and the color of the Hudson has been blogger Chiara took a photo, $1890
Although said Hudson was seen as 14 years piggy bag and the continuation of 15 year chun xia’s little fly package, I think this package and selling their home before version of its Marcie (p longchamp handbags outlet ictured right) are somewhat similar.The cowhide material Hudson to $2350, however, a small version of its Marcie bag, as long as $795
Do not pursue the latest girl into a small version of its Marcie I feel good, after all, only $795, 5000, and a lot of colors to choose.Large size is not good-looking, not delicate
Chloe another main money this year is such, called Haylay, I felt greatly than above the Hudson good-looking wow!The coat coat back this package have super Bai Fu beauty
Haylay price is $1890, the grey I also very love ~ Bai Fu beauty they hurry to act!
Gucci bag before two years are very very ugly, so longchamp buy for a long time I don’t want to go in around ~ finally they fired the previous designer, earlier this year with a new design director Alessandro Michele (looks a little trivial), immediately turn things around
Gucci is pushing this year is the package, named D longchamp handbags on sale ionysus, prick in Saskatchewan?Is referred to as “prick silk!A little won’t get the purpose of a bunch of small wildflowers, the embroidery is always let a person feel not soil not the flavour…The goddess as spokesperson for Gucci is first back this bag out of the universe
Ha ha super prick silk embroidered bags, in addition to small wildflowers on the right is $2400, big flower on the left is $3800, the middle big bee is $3400, ugly, ha ha, or stars take flowers look good point…
This series and pure color

longchamp bag

longchamp bag Section such as credit card inside the bag, as well as to match the daytime modelling of cloth, such as denim..
Another match with the glossy crocodile and noble metal python skin, is suitable for the day.Crocodile grain printing bag is black, brown, cherry red, blue or rose color prints, such as lining with composite snakeskin grain, tie-in corresponding golden color, blue, pink or grey metal equivalent hand bag.
Man-made leath red longchamp bag er bag is black, turquoise, dark blue, blue, brown, orange, or inside the blue and gold, purple or orange crack reason compound artificial leather, with a blue, orange or brown snakeskin grain printing hand bag.
Two kinds of leather grain to create four different styles: double handle shell package and double handle mini hand bag;!The double h longchamp bag andle mini shells bag and hand bag chain.!!!Single handle handbag and available lock is connected with the appliance with the shoulder bag.?Single handle new package!The problem is here!
Lover, three, four, and the 5678 money is no problem, red longchamp bag but most cerebral sci-film most cerebral sci-film spring only out of the four packages.Can you if it is difficult to make choice.
it doesn’t matter.Most cerebral sci-film most cerebral sci-film lists for you this spring bag new four big characteristics, believe there is always a is your favorite.
MOE MOE cat pattern, with concise and lively line, the representative of the sprout and han longchamp pocketbooks dsome must not fall once Taylor, roll around in small days.
In American music scene, zhang jie agents had no intention of sitting in front of the roll, the roll was close to his hand to his side, it is enough to prove that the volume of not only handsome, but also very sweet.Another Nomad Backpack Backpack, with the perspective of “Nomad traveler” identity to echo the theme of “carefree journey”.TUSCAN ‘S use braid wear weave handicraft, replace part of the longchamp bag traditional car line suture;.Fine handwork, the overall fit perfect, let the backpack was spontaneously and national wind, do not break elegant female side again.
The colour of the series system with feminine tone is given priority to, such as purple, lavender, and beige, build tender and romantic feeling.
Main design Fantasia Bucket Bucket bag use silk screen printing, poetic flavour ground depict colorful kaleidoscope of the world, to create the visual effect of about.
This kind of screen printing te red longchamp bag chnology is unique, is that, in turn, coloring and natural wind dried repeatedly, with four color creates like seven colors of the rainbow color images and theme echo.
Coloring to completely dry when not less than three days, highlighting TUSCAN ‘S on craft perfect pursuit.Fantasia Bucket Bucket are big, two kinds of s longchamp bags on sale pecifications to choose from.
In addition, with the series handbags also used computer laser engraving technology, precise performance theme concepts and longchamp pocketbooks geometric pattern;.Shooting Star Tech Pouch and Top Handle Bag of flow on line, just like the stars across the night, a person the sense of fantasy.
Special craft that make the bag appearance presents unique saddle profile, deserve to go up the three-dimensional stripe and ribbon, foil design works have lasting appeal city man’s informal fashion style
When motion wind hit, they believe that a lot of stylish men’s practical backpack favorite item, functional, contracted style, out of young students temperament type highlight fashionable breath

longchamp vancouver 2016

longchamp vancouver 2016 light!Sunshine is sunflower yellow, orange, purple wavy grain, blue mix for basic travel season series more fashionable and vigorous.High quality head layer cowhide, crisp bag type, fine leather ornaments, spectrum yellow to dark blue, dark brown, gan yi, cognac white mix, make transfer music to female fans basic leather series.Also worth mentioning this crazy monkey grain jacquard series, the cortex piping and delicate monkey jacquard effect perfect fusion will elegant throughout.
Midsummer twill stand out in a series of posters MAELISA inclined backpack with exquisite messenger bag of paragraph and fine detail design to catch to female the greedy heart, atmospheric contracted profile, not only suitable for commuting, also can adjust the strap length became instant inclined backpack, bag space is capacious, facilitate the longchamp le pliage price necessary items, such as wallet, mobile phone is placed open auxiliary bags can be placed to take such as traffic CARDS, door CARDS, vogue and practical models will be happy to female indispensable sheet is tasted.In a range of EFIA SN accessory bag cabinet an longchamp vancouver 2016 d delicate appearance, combined with perfect details, let a person see admire, can be used as the ideal size package in the package, will your belongings away better, as the music want to female leisure at noon when the wrist bag is perfect!The new basic indigo longchamp series CARALISA handbag, intellectual and elegant package type is suitable for any occasion, magnetic buckle, vice bag is more convenient to fetch, invisible zipper bag before, greatly increasing security, as well as inclined back to hand carry, let the joy to a woman walking leisurely in the afternoon sun.
Summer is a relaxing self, free of the season, let with daily work, take this season is full of amorous feelings of Italian Kipling (KaiPuLin) bags, delicate and charming dress, enjoy the sun, sea, beach, and ice cream!A Kipling (KaiPuLin) bags can meet the demand of all music want to female with different destinations, this sorching summer, make little monkey with music want to female easy to travel, to be a free “xiangyang”!
The PAXTON BP Mediterranean summer series inclined backpack filled with Mediter longchamp shopper bag longchamp shopper bag ranean amorous feelings restoring ancient ways, having a unique style of the compact decoration make bags more show delicate, main bag can hold all kinds of travel supplies, hidden open bags are suitable for put valuables, and Velcro vice bag can be placed to take carry-on, practical and do not break vogue female bag let joy want to fondle admiringly!The PARMIDA BP backpack with series, the small size of contracted light backpack makes music want to female release hands, hitting scene draw string and clamshell design adorn the bags not only increased longchamp le pliage price the security, and happiness to a woman holiday look perfect collocation, the temperament of fashion and leisure!The new DEENA hit diagonal backpack basic series, a total of five from inside to outside zipper pocket of different size, but will be puttinged in ‘s charge all your belongings in perfect orderly, seasonal fashion longchamp vancouver 2016 colour on collocation, in the size of the inclined shoulder bag will be happy to woman’s perfect travel companion!Extension series XL BEACHTOTE posters of the beach bag is the seaside resort of choice, large capacity can put in all kinds of supplies for the entertainment, swimsuit, beach towels, slippers, sun glasses, a package if anyone you can think of all the items can be easily put into!
It is open season, whether it is a joy to mom for baby a comfort longchamp shopper bag able, practical, durable and fashionable bag let baby want to back to school happily, or music want to select parent-child bag bag to carry his mother and the baby their travel supplies, colorful Kipling (KaiPuLin) bags are unique choice! This summer, let joy want to female baby and release your hands together and travel easily!
Basic series of campus HEARTBACKPACK backpack for preschool music want to baby, the most eye-catching is the hearts of the side pocket, lovely design makes children more fashionable tong qu, whether go to kindergarten or outing, the design of the multiple pockets is enough to put the snacks and small objects!In a range of JAQUE backpack, cabinet and delicate package with fun yellow blue monkey face printing, the most suitable for preschool children, greatly reducing the bearing small shoulders


longchamp Launched in 901.At the beginning of the birth, it was originally a curly, can the pocket in the suitcase, suitable for people to take ocean liner.It turned out to be extremely rich contemporary sense of the Keepall handbags.
This handbag since is fan bingbing endorsement really are not enough fire ah!A variety of color optional, combined with LV presbyopic texture concave and convex have send, there are different size can meet people’s needs.But its prototype may and you want to some different oh!
Guide language: when we used the classic big luxury brands, whether will be curious about this thing at first looks like?The following eight classic handbag prototypes, ever meet your curiosity?
In 1955, Chanel 2.55 long champ tote the handbag was born.After decades of fashion storm baptism, it still keep the original fashion attitude.Fine lines, and metal chain, all show enchanting woman in turning people fashion ideas at the same time, also has led to nearly longchamp crossbody bag a century of high fashion.The prototype and it is now almost is the same, color also almost has been used on a classic black.
It was born in 1930, Louis vuitton classic handbags, in more than 80 years of the changes of fashion, has always maintained a classic posture, today is still the focus of people rushed to buy.From her carrying this bag we can see that LV Speedy classic style also i longchamp s not too much change.Peugeot old flower pattern, with round bag body, a slight adjustment on size.
Louis Vuitton is famous itself is making Bags, nature has a lot of IT Bags.Always go for the elegant line of Louis Vuitton not on longchamp canada price ly it is with this model, and with a special focus on practicality and quality, the New Year to choose a new Louis Vuitton is a good idea.
This handbag in 2016 appeared in early spring series, founder of the shape and locks give a person a kind of very the feeling of business, this is a new package after a revision, the new version of the original package of soft lie prone to lie prone body became clear line many, combined with the new colour and design collocation, is a beauty and strength good handbags.
On a big show in the spring and summer, the City of the Steamer one still not low, more new sty longchamp le, this modelling low-key handbag with spring, summer, show strong sense of science and technology is also very harmonious.
Such a good package will naturally by many fans, and Louis Vuitton relationship has always be longchamp crossbody bag en a good fan bingbing back was the first City Steamer Chinese actress, she took on a certain activity packages to the battle.In terms of foreign stars, like the bag Miranda Kerr also have this one early and bring it out many times.White shirt, black dress, coupled with a black City Steamer, Kerr are so nice.
Now that is a new package in amway, we will say more, by the way.Originally were said to be a bit old Louis Vuitton has recently be longchamp crossbody bag come more and more young, more and more cute, it’s not, discovered in the show a lot of cute handbags, can’t wait to share with everyone.
Last Petite Malle small box is on fire, and this year launched a new version of the nano small boxes, bold and thicken the bo long champ tote ttom of the small box like toy in his hand.
And this as Alma but it’s not a hand bag, Alma tassel has also made a sprout sprout.
Designers in the Counter Culture series of daily necessities and high fashion in luxury, to portray the finer things in life funny way.
In cereal chip packaging bag with all kinds of make-believe food packaging, all printed on the “Best Before: SS15” and “Allergy Information: May Provoke Jealousy” nutrition labels, designer of the deep and remote and meticulous detail and admirable!As long as the original in a different way to easily